LETI Winter School: Innovations and Quality Management in the Automotive Industry 4.0

The 2-Track program developed by the Inprotekh Institute of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI) and XAMK (South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences)

Winter School Tracks

Track 1. Innovations and Quality Management in the Automotive Industry 4.0 Management of Technological Innovations

1/1 Theory and practice of innovation management

Management of technological innovations is explained as the integrated management of information, financial, production resources and human capital. An integral aspect of the high-tech production is the technological modernization cycles, which include practical IT updates (innovation projects). They serve as indicators of the digital transformation and digital maturity of a company.

The proposed approach interprets engineering innovations primarily as the integration of production management technologies and its resources.

The learners will get a good insight into the working concepts and practices for managing technological innovations at an R&D-intensive company. This basic knowledge will provide a good start for a management career oriented on producing added values in any high-tech company, auto industry included.

1/2 Innovative product marketing

The course explains processes of an innovative product development and its commercialization in the domestic and international markets.

Commercialization of new technological products includes both the development of a high-tech company itself and optimal promotion models for its commercial products.

Currently both product development and its marketing are governed by the rules and tools of digital communication. This omnipresent competence includes both digital production skills and operational interaction with employees, contractors and customers of the company in the digital format.

The course covers essential skills and explains modern enterprise development principles based on the choice of the optimal models for promoting a commercial product generated by the innovation company.

This knowledge and know-how are an essential competence, which all high or higher school graduates should have irrespective of their major discipline.

Track 2. Quality assurance tools and solutions for the automotive industry

2/1 Lean production and quality management in the automotive industry

The course explains essentials of lean manufacturing and quality management systems with a focus on efficient workplaces, high-performance production and knowledge management, other key aspects of quality assurance (QA) in the high-tech companies. Subjects.

  • Essentials of lean manufacturing and quality management systems for the automotive industry.
  • Rules and solutions for organizing efficient physical and digital workplace.
  • Data analysis-based management of production cycles.
  • Knowledge management for operational efficiency.

Syllabus includes practical cases and expert QA know-how in the automotive industry

2/2 Effective leadership in quality assurance of the automotive industry

Effective leadership is one of the basic instruments of quality management. The course explores different aspects of leadership and its role in the development and operation of high-tech companies working in the competitive environment.

The course gives decision-making patterns based on the role models of leadership. Theoretical studies are supported by the tests and practical cases on making decisions, which ensure sustainable development of the company by using quality management instruments.

  • Leadership in the modern management system. The EFQM model and its application in the automotive companies.
  • Corporate leadership. Creating conditions for creative initiatives and innovations.
  • Team motivation in the high-tech company.
  • Optimal leadership style for developing shared sustainable values.


Lecturing departments and opportunities

The program is delivered by the departments of INPROTEKH, the Institute of, Innovative Design and Technological Entrepreneurship: Department of Innovation Management and Department of Management and Quality Systems. Inprotekh is a division of the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University.

Department of Innovation Management

Department of Innovation Management educates professionals who get state-of-the-art qualifications to introduce innovative ideas and technologies, upgrade company efficiency to meet its goals and maximize utilization of its resources by optimal management decisions

Department of Management and Quality Systems

Department of Management and Quality Systems educates professionals, which can develop and manage quality systems. These systems maintain high quality of products or services of a company by improving business processes, introducing the lean manufacturing and risk management algorithms. They optimize the technological performance by introducing statistical control of technological processes, analysis of the types and consequences of failures, and analysis of measurement systems.

The "Quality Management" curriculum is harmonized with the EU university curricula. It provides an opportunity to study within the Master's degree program in a member university of the European Master's Program in Quality Management (EMP TQM). Beside that, students can take the exam for the "Professional in the field of quality" qualification of the European Organization for Quality (EOC) without additional training.