R&D programs

In 2020, an admission to the R&D magistracy was opened at ETU "LETI"

Starting from the 2020/2021 academic year, ETU "LETI" has opened training for R&D master's programs, corresponding to the priority research and educational areas of the university.

Research and development (R&D) MA programs include different activities to innovate and introduce new products and services.t The main emphasis is on immersing the student in research activities aimed at solving urgent problems of science and production. The educational process is built in such a way as to best correspond to the individual trajectory of training, agreed with the supervisor (master). Training is conducted in the format of masterclasses.

Features of the Research Master's Degree:

  • masterclasses;
  • an individual trajectory of learning, which is a set of interrelated modules (disciplines), chosen by the student together with the scientific advisor;
  • a significantly larger amount of the creative component, an emphasis on obtaining skills in searching and analyzing information, choosing research methods, determining an adequate methodology of cognition and activity;
  • smaller amount of classroom lessons;
  • more laboratory studies in the form of scientific research and independent work;
  • in the learning process, it is assumed that the student will actively participate in scientific conferences, prepare scientific articles, defend papers at the scientific and technological complex;
  • a project-based approach to teaching, aimed at developing the ability to creatively formulate scientific and scientific-practical problems and solve them independently, both in individual work and in teamwork.

At the beginning of training, each master will be assigned a scientific advisor from among the leading pedagogical and scientific personnel of the university, as a rule, with a doctorate degree. Classes will be conducted mainly in the form of master classes.

The master class differs from other forms of broadcasting experience in that in the process of its conduct there is a direct discussion of the purpose of the study, the search for creative solutions to emerging scientific problems, in which both students and the teacher take part. This approach is focused on transferring not only formal knowledge, but also implicit experience that can only be obtained through joint work.

The master class is:

  • independent work in small groups, exchange of views, work in a team of interested people;
  • solving problems using the case-study method;
  • students' independent choice of methods and technologies, the teacher plays the role of a “senior colleague”, guiding and prompting, but not imposing his opinion.

  1. Choose a program;
  2. Check the required documents and deadlines for their submission;
  3. Fill out the application form: priem.etu.ru;
  4. Indicate diplomas, diplomas, certificates for participation in the events of ETU "LETI", Olympiads, etc. (individual achievements).

Faculty of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications "FRT"

Research Area: Intelligent infocommunication networks
Program: 11.04.02 – Communication Technologies and Communication Systems

Faculty of Electronics "FEL"

Research Area: Nanotechnology and microsystem technology
Program: 28.04.01 – Nanotechnologies and Microelectronics

Faculty of Computer Technologies and Informatics "FKTI"

Research Area: Informatics and computer engineering
Program: 09.04.01 – Computer Science and Knowledge Discovery (in English)

Research Area: Software Engineering
Program: 09.04.04 – Software Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automatics "FEA"

Research Area: Electro energetics and Electrical Engineering
Program: 13.04.02 – Electro energetics and Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Information, Measurement and Biotechnical Systems "FIBS"

Research Area: Bioengineering Systems and Technologies
Program: 12.04.04 – Bioengineering Systems and Technologies