Information Security

Postgraduate program "Information Security" includes the direction 05.13.19 "Information Security Methods and Systems", which you can study under.

The direction is carried out at the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology.

Upon completion of their Ph.D. program, graduates will be able to work in the following fields: areas of science, engineering and technology, covering the totality of the problems associated with research, development, improvement and application of models, methods, technologies, tools, and information security systems, as well as information security facilities and treatment processes, the transfer of information in all areas of external and internal threats; educational activities in the field of information security.

The graduates will have an understanding of protected objects information, automated systems, information-analytical systems, information and telecommunication networks and systems and other information systems, as well as their constituent hardware and software; methods, techniques and technologies of information security of objects of information, automation, information analysis, information and telecommunications, and other information systems; methods of analysis and design, and secure automated information-analytical systems, information and telecommunication networks and systems and other information systems, as well as members of their hardware and software; models, methods and systems for information security management; systems and means of combating technical intelligence, methods of analysis and design.

Postgraduate study is a system for training highly qualified specialists of the new generation, competitive in the market of intellectual labor, with the skills of analytical, research and teaching activities. To apply for the postgraduate program candidate should hold master’s or specialist’s degree in the related field.

Russian higher education is divided into undergraduate (bachelor's), graduate (master's or specialist’s) and postgraduate (PhD) levels. Bachelor’s degree programs duration is 4 year, master’s degree program is 2 more years (6 years in total). Specialist’s programs are usually lasts for 5 or 5,5 years. Specialist’s degree is equated to bachelor’s + master’s degrees obtained.

Postgraduate programs’ duration is 4 years. At the beginning of the studies an individual training plan is drawn up. Postgraduate education includes research under the guidance of scientific supervisor. Therefore, for admission it is important to accurately determine the faculty and department, where you would like to continue your studies, to have a potential PhD supervisor and thesis abstracts.

During this time, it is necessary to have several scientific publications. Upon completion of the program and postgraduate exams, graduates receive the postgraduate diploma. After receiving a diploma you have the opportunity to become a Candidate of Sciences. It can be achieved by defending a thesis for the Candidate's Degree at the end of the studies.


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