Microwave and Terahertz Wireless Systems

The program is to train students who will manage successfully professional activity in a globally competitive environment in such an interdisciplinary field as design and technology of the state-of-the-art high-frequency, microwave, and terahertz devices for communications, radar, and other wireless applications.

Every year we examine and update our programs. 
Meet the improved version of the program "RF, Microwave and Terahertz Engineering of Wireless Systems" now called "Microwave and Terahertz Wireless Systems​"
The program code remains the same (11.04.03), students enrolled in "RF, Microwave and Terahertz Engineering of Wireless Systems" are admitted to study under improved program "Microwave and Terahertz Wireless Systems".

 The programme includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to Wireless Systems
  • Computational Electromagnetics
  • Foundations of Microwave Circuit Technologies
  • Basics of Antenna Design
  • Passive Microwave Components and Devices
  • End-to-end PCB Design
  • Wireless Communication Systems
  • Active Microwave Devices
  • CAD of Microwave Devices and Systems
  • Microwave and THz Metamaterials
  • Introduction to Microwave Measurements

The programme is offered by the School of Faculty of Radio Engineering.

Programme Director: Prof. Viktor Tupik, Head of Deptartment of Microelectronics and Radio Engineering.

Programme Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Zameshaeva Evgenia, Department of Microelectronics and Radio Engineering.

Contact us

For support in registration, accommodations or any questions about the admission process, please contact International Students Office master@etu.ru

For questions regarding programme content, please contact the programme coordinators Dmitry Kholodnyak Dmitry.kholodnyak@mwlab.spb.ru or Evgenia Zameshaeva evgzameshaeva@yandex.ru