Master's Degree Programs in English

Educational programs of ETU «LETI» are constantly modernized, following the principle «Training through research». Graduates of our university receive new, profound knowledge and practical skills of work.

Preferences for students

  1. Our university can offer you grant on a competitive basis, which partially covers the tuition fee (from 1 semester).
  2. You can also receive travel grant on a competitive basis for participation in the academic mobility program, covering the full or part of the cost of tickets to get to your destination.
  3. Masters of English-language programs also have access to short-term courses that improve their qualifications under preferential terms.

General information

Number of students: 10-15

Programme: 120 ECTS credits, full-time study (2 years), Master’s Degree

Eligibility: candidates must hold a Bachelor's Degree in the corresponding field 

An academic year includes 2 semesters beginning on 1st September and 10th February, winter holidays - 2 weeks, summer holidays - 2 months (July, August). Master’s Thesis defense is in June.

Why choose these programs?

  1. A truly international University! 17% (more than 1500) of all students are from foreign countries;
  2. Budgetary places allocated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation;
  3. Six English-taught programs accredited by European Network for Engineering Accreditation and Association for Engineering Education of Russia;
  4. Online qualification test! Pass the test for admission to the Master's degree without leaving home. Come to Russia in confidence that you have entered the University;
  5. Simple document submission procedure (learn more here);
  6. Increased scholarships for successful students;
  7. Grant support for contract trainings.

How to apply?

  1. Apply online using the online application form.
  2. Check required documents and next steps for necessary level of study

For support in registration, accommodations or any questions about the admission process, please contact International Students Office

Anastasia Ageichik

International Student Recruitment & Support Manager

(English-taught programs)

 +7 812 234-35-53 3418

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