Russian Language and Cultural Heritage of Russia

This program pays the most attention to spoken Russian language. A considerable amount of learning sessions are held outdoors. Students are provided with guided tours and training sessions in the urban environment. Students attend museums and sightseeing attractions of St. Petersburg and its suburbs. In the course of such learning sessions they get acquainted with Russian cultural heritage and immerse themselves in Russian language. Group programs could be developed upon preliminary agreement. The full course lasts for 1 weeks and 36 academic hours.

Admission information

Place of study: ETU "LETI"
Language: Russian
Winter School: January – February, 2024
Summer School: 5 July – 11 July, 2023
Outcome: ETU "LETI" certificate, 2 ECTS

1. No visa is required/the applicant is in possession of a Russian visa – June 15, 2023
2. European Union citizens – June 10, 2023
3. Russian visa is required – May 20, 2023

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Mon.-Fri.: 10:00-17:00 (admission 10:00-16:30)
197022, Russian Federation, St. Petersburg, Professora Popova str., 5, building 3, 4th floor (room 3418)
+7 (812) 234-35-53