Intensive Course of Russian for Beginners (level A1)

Our university holds an intensive course of Russian as a foreign language. A person who first came to Russia and took a deep dive into the world of the unknown might find this course useful to start understanding what is going on around him or her: read and understand signs, ask strangers for directions, understand their replies and speak. The course lasts for 4 weeks or 120 academic hours.

Admission information

Place of study: ETU "LETI"
Language: Russian
Duration: August, 2023
Tuition fees: 40000 RUR
includes training, excursion program, study materials, migration support.
Outcome: ETU "LETI" certificate, 4 ECTS
1. No visa is required/the applicant is in possession of a Russian visa – July 15, 2023
2. European Union citizens – July 10, 2023
3. Russian visa is required – June 20, 2023


On the basis of our university a course of intensive training in Russian as a foreign language is conducted. To the person who arrived to Russia and who is surrounded with people who speak unfamiliar language, such course will quickly help to understand Russian better. You will be able to read and understand indexes soon, to ask passersby questions and to understand answers, to talk. The full course lasts 4 weeks and includes:

  • formation of the main skills of pronunciation and reading;
  • training of perception of speech aurally;
  • improving of skill of working with the dictionary;
  • the main data on grammar of Russian;
  • the minimum necessary lexicon for communication (about 500 words);
  • about 100 steady combinations and speech turns.

Explanations are given in English and Russian languages. The effective communicative technique allows students to start speaking correctly and with confidence in short time. The course is designed for the listeners who didn’t learn Russian earlier.


Introduction to Russian

Practical training on Russian grammar

Practical training on Russian phonetics

Practical training on reading in Russian

Language practice on the subject "My Family and Me"

Language practice on the subject "Life and Study"

Language practice on the subject "Travel to St. Petersburg"
Sightseeing tour and suburbs of St. Petersburg

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Mon.-Fri.: 10:00-17:00 (admission 10:00-16:30)
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