Module 4: International Business Communication



The course explores the present state of professional communication in Russia within the international context. It covers such fields as PR, marketing, advertising and international business. The participants interested  in  conducting business in the international environment will get knowledge in the intercultural communication, communication campaigns, image and reputation management, mass media . The focus is made on case studies, professional workshops and discussions to develop necessary skills in the international business communication such as conducting situation analysis, preparing strategic plans for their companies, giving presentations, etc.

Lectures and workshops:

  1. Introduction to PR, advertising, marketing in Russia. Problems of conducting foreign business and its adaptation to the Russian market.
  2. Establishment of trust and communication management as the main aim of International PR.
  3. International Communication Campaigns.
  4. Situation Analysis, research and designing message strategies.
  5. Integrated communications: workshop and case studies.
  6. Main trends and perspectives of international business communication in Russia.
  7. Worldwide differences in media, the role of new media.
  8. Communication in International business negotiations.
  9. Promotion of International Brands : workshop and case studies.
  10. PR for high-technology industries.

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