Department of Physical Chemistry

The Department of Physical Chemistry was established in 1891 and is one of the oldest departments of the University.

The characteristic of the educational programs of the Department of Physical Chemistry is the interdisciplinary nature of the disciplines with special attention to the related fields of chemistry, physics, and materials mechanics.

The progress of science and technology is inextricably linked with the production of new substances and materials based on them, and chemistry solves these problems. The process of increasing life expectancy and improving the quality of human life is also largely dependent on artificially created materials.

The reason why we started Master’s level training in Biocompatible Materials (Biotechnical Systems and Technologies) is growing demand for various materials specialists at the labor market, as well as the fact that the Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems is oriented toward biomedicine. Training at this program is interdisciplinary (at the intersection of chemistry, physics, and materials mechanics).

Our department also provides support to bachelor's degree programs at other departments of the University interested in additional training of its specialists in chemical disciplines (chemistry, environmental chemistry, materials science, and technology of construction materials, etc.).

The department is interested in attracting students that like to explore the development of new materials and technologies, and that wish to gain young people experience and qualifications in the field of materials science.

Oksana Almyasheva

Head of Department

D.Sc., Assistant Professor