Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Graphics

The Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Graphics was established in 1977 on the basis of the oldest departments of ETU namely the Theory of Mechanisms and Machines, Machine Parts; Fundamentals of Designing Mechanisms and Engineering Graphics.

Prominent scientists and teachers who made great contributions to the development of science and technology worked at the department at various times:

  • Professor Nikolay Mitinsky (1899-1911), one of the initiators and participants of the railway electrification;
  • Professor Stepan Timoshenko (1911–1917), a famous scientist in the field of the theory of elasticity, strength of materials and structural mechanics;
  • Academician Nikolay Muskhelishvili, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences;
  • Gury Kolosov and Professor Sergei Lekhnitsky, who made a great contribution to the robustness research in Russia;
  • Professor Alexander Pikovsky (1959-1967), author of a monograph on core system calculations;
  • Professor Konstantin Solyanik-Krassa (1959-1971), the specialist in the field of spatial problems of the theory of elasticity;
  • Professor Nikolay Razumovsky, author of books on electrical measuring instruments;
  • Professor Yuri Pervitsky, the specialist in the field of designing and calculating mechanisms, instruments and automatic systems.

Since 1986, the department was headed by Professor Oleg Kormilitsyn. Currently, Sergei Vorobev, Ph.D., associate professor, is the Head of the Department.

The department conducts training in the following academic disciplines:

  • Engineering computer graphics,
  • Applied mechanics,
  • Automation of design and design of devices and systems
  • Mathematical and biotechnical modeling of prosthetic objects,
  • Technology for assessing the characteristics of prosthetic objects.

Sergey Vorobyev

Head of Department

Ph.D., Associate Professor