Institute of Fundamental Engineering Education

The main purpose of the Institute is to organize the educational process in the natural sciences and technical disciplines.

The main tasks of the Institute of Fundamental Engineering Education

  1. Organize and coordinate educational activities of the institute departments.
  2. Support the educational process at the university in natural and technical sciences.
  3. Take part in developing and implementing educational programs for enrollee’s successful admission and training.
  4. Develop and take part in implementing mechanisms for the first-year student to adjust and increase the level of their training in natural sciences (physics, mathematics, chemistry). Take part in educational work.
  5. Harmonize the activities of the institute departments with university and faculty departments in matters of educational activities.
  6. Take part in developing curricula for main educational programs in natural sciences and general technical disciplines, in developing new main educational programs, including the ones based on CDIO international standards.
  7. Organize additional training for senior students in accordance with the requests of faculties and employers.
  8. Manage the quality of student training in natural sciences and general technical disciplines together with the technical faculties.
  9. Cooperate with schools and prepare advanced training programs for school teachers and programs for preparatory courses together with the Enrollee Center and the Institute of Continuing Education.
  10. Organize and coordinate the R&D work of the institute departments.
  11. Train the scientific and pedagogical staff of the institute. Support and develop research and academic schools of the university.
  12. Take part in professional development and retraining of specialists jointly with Institute of Continuing Education. Develop and implement additional training programs.