Department of Radio Engineering Systems

The Department of Radio Engineering Systems was established in 2001 by merging the Department of Radio Systems (founded in 1945) and Marine Information Radio Electronic Systems (founded in 1970).

Кафедра радиотехнических систем (РС)

Fields of study:

  1. Radio Engineering. Intelligent Radio Engineering Systems;
  2. Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems.

Graduates are engaged in designing and creating promising radio electronic equipment for space and ground navigation; location and traffic control of air, sea, and land transport; mobile, satellite, and cellular communications; data transmission networks and personal telecommunications service; computer data collection and processing systems; development of sea-based radars, meteorological radars, and lidars, sonar facilities.

The department studies issues of detection and classification of small-sized objects, natural and artificial meteorological formations.

The issues of electromagnetic compatibility of radio-electronic equipment and information encoding are considered. Special classes are held at the Analog Devices Signal Processor Center. The department has unique equipment used for research and educational purposes.