Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems

The main activity of the department is the training of specialists in the development of high-precision measuring and navigation systems based on inertial sensing elements.

Research of the department is conducted in these main areas:

  1. development of laser precision instruments for measuring angular motion parameters and angle measuring equipment;
  2. development of micromechanical sensing elements for strapless inertial navigation and orientation systems;
  3. inertial-satellite technologies for ensuring the safety of railway transport:
  4. development of automated tools for the study of metrological characteristics of micromechanical sensing elements and navigation systems based on them;
  5. development of integrated orientation and navigation systems based on micromechanical sensing elements, laser and fiber-optic gyroscopes;
  6. development of measuring instruments for seismological research;
  7. applied optical systems for measuring purposes;
  8. development of highly stable lasers and 3D laser scanning.

The department has organized internships for students in leading research and educational organizations in Germany. The best students of the department are trained for 3 months at the Flight Control Institute (Braunschweig), at the German Physics and Technology Department (Braunschweig), at Bremen, Stuttgart, and Braunschweig universities.