Department of Electroacoustics and Ultrasound Technology

The Department of Electroacoustics and Ultrasound Technology has been one of the leading departments in the country and the world in the development of acoustic methods, devices, and systems of non-destructive testing for more than 75 years.

The department was founded in 1931 by an outstanding Soviet scientist, the founder of ultrasonic flaw detection Sergey Sokolov.

The main activities of the department are:

  • development and research of methods, devices, and systems of non-destructive testing of materials and products;
  • research and development of acoustic instrumentation;
  • development of specialized ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers with a certain frequency and directional properties;
  • hardware and software for determining the characteristics of electroacoustic converters;
  • vibration diagnostics and acoustic measurements;
  • linear methods of acoustic diagnostics.

During its existence, the department has developed unique systems of ultrasonic control of sheet metal and has created devices that have no analogs for measuring sound velocities in solids.

The department heads academic guideline development for the Ministry of Education and Science as part of the educational association in instrumentation and optometry. The educational process is carried out involving high-tech unique laboratory equipment.

In recent years, the department has published more than 10 monographs, about 30 textbooks and manuals, about 150 articles in the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission, and other journals reviewed in the databases of Scopus and Web of Science. The department took part in dozens of scientific conferences with diplomas and awards in various nominations.

Among the professors and students of the department there are dozens of winners of national and international competitions, owners of scholarships and grants, including scholarships of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.