Department Branch of Medical Information and Bioengineering Systems

LETI is a recognized leader in the field of training biomedical specialists. The Department of Bioengineering Systems has been working as its part for 49 years and has trained more than 3,000 specialists.

Further development of educational programs in the biomedical area and improvement of the quality of training of specialists affects the issues of coordinated interaction with companies in this field.

The solution to these tasks involves close cooperation with strategic partners of LETI, who are interested in targeted training of specialists and are ready to contribute their resources to the development of educational programs and provide up-to-date high-tech medical systems for education and research.

To solve these tasks, the Faculty of Information Measurement and Bioengineering Systems has established the Department Branch of Medical Information and Bioengineering Systems at the Almazov National Medical Research Center.

The department branch participates in training specialists in information, instrumentation, and biomedicine to work at Almazov Center.

Almazov National Medical Research Center is a leading Russian center with unique high-tech medical systems. The center has the necessary resources and facilities for conducting educational and scientific activities of the university departments. Currently, students of the Department of Bioengineering Systems are undergoing various types of internships at the center, bachelor's and master's degrees are working in the profession, and postgraduate students carry out research.

Students have the opportunity to study the work of modern high-tech medical systems and gain practical skills in working with unique medical equipment and systems available at the Almazov Center.