Department of History of Culture, State and Law

The department participates in the training of bachelors in all areas and specializations of engineering faculties, the Faculty of Humanities, and INPROTECH.

The Department of History of Culture, State and Law was established in 1992 in connection with the change of training programs for bachelors in engineering areas and the opening of the public relations program at the Faculty of Humanities. The predecessor of the department was the Department of Political History.

Lecturers of the department give lectures and seminars on such disciplines as History, Law, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, World Culture: History and Modernity. For all subjects, professors create and regularly update teaching aids. The department introduces new forms and technologies of education.

The department conducts considerable scientific work. Scientists from St. Petersburg, other cities of Russia, and abroad take part in annual scientific conferences hosted by the department.

Irina Uzlova

Head of Department

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dmitry Menshikov

Deputy Head of the Department

Ph.D., Associate Professor