Department of Foreign Languages

The future professional areas for graduates of the department are linguistic education and intercultural communication (foreign languages and cultures).

Study at the department

The Department of Foreign Languages trains students in the following programs:

  • Bachelor's degree program Linguistics (45.03.02). Training is full-time. Duration is 4 years.
  • Master's degree program Linguistics (45.04.02). Training is full-time. Duration is 2 years.
  • PhD program in Linguistics and Literary Studies (45.06.01).

Participation in the life of the professional community

Since 2012, the annual conference "Actual Problems of Linguistics" takes place. The conference allows participants to present their research, express views on current problems of modern linguistics, and share information on the latest scientific achievements in this area.

Moreover, shortly before the conference, the department holds an Olympiad in linguistics. Students of ETU "LETI" and all Russian universities have an opportunity to take part and test their knowledge in linguistics.

A poetic translation competition takes place in October; the results are announced at a poetry evening.

One of the highlights of the fall semester is the forum Palette of Languages and Cultures, which has different themes each year. The event aims to increase the level of tolerance in the student and professional community of the university.

The Committee on Science and Higher Education conducts the competition of student research papers on creating a tolerant environment in St. Petersburg. Students of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​enter the list of finalists of this competition each year.

Andrei Shumkov

Head of the department

D. Sc., Associate Professor