Laboratory of Microwave Photonics and Magnonics (LMPM) named by B.A.Kalinikos

Laboratory of Microwave Photonics and Magnonics (LMPM) named by B.A.Kalinikos was established in 2021 in St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University under the support of a Megagrant (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 220 dated April 09, 2010) aimed at the implementation of the research project "Reservoir computers based on the principles of magnonics as a new direction of artificial neural networks "(agreement No. 075-15-2021-609).

Head of the lab is Alexey B. Ustinov

Alexey B. Ustinov, Ph. D. (2004), Doctor of Physical-Mathematical Science (2012), Professor of SPbETU. Member of the editorial board of Technical Physics Letters. Research is supported by grants from the Government of St. Petersburg, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, and the Russian Science Foundation. Prof. A.B. Ustinov is laureate of the Government of St. Petersburg for outstanding scientific results in the field of science and technology.

LMPM members

Leading Researcher is Mikhail Kostylev

Mikhail Kostylev is a professor at the Department of Physics at the University of Western Australia since 2005. Research interests: magnetism, spintronics, wave processes, quantum information. How to create a microprocessor in which the signal carriers will be magnons rather than electrons? How to solve the problem of information recognition using a magnon reservoir computer? How to create an artificial neural network based on magnonics? These and many other questions were raised in the research of Mikhail Kostylev.

The laboratory team includes

  • 9 researchers
  • 7 engineers
  • 4 technicians

Project description of the Megagrant



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