Department of Microwave Electronics

The Department of Microwave Electronics (from 1946 to 2021 - the Department of Radio Engineering Electronics) represents an engineering, scientific, and educational school in the field of microwave electronics recognized in Russia and well-known abroad.

We try not only to prepare our students for a successful professional career in the promising field of science and technology. We try to create and maintain at our department such an environment of communication and interaction with our students, graduate students, and graduates, in which they could feel like members of a single team with us. We try to instill in them a corporate sense of responsibility for the high authority of the Department of Microwave Electronics and with the help of our best graduates to expand our spheres of influence in the outside world.

Close and constant contacts with our best graduates and with employers - our strategic partners - contribute to the constant improvement of our educational program following the prospects for the development of microwave and optical electronics.

Considering the trends in the development of microwave and optical electronics, the department conducts research and development in new relevant scientific areas.

The department actively promotes the employment of its graduates and closely monitors their professional careers.