Biographical sketch - Alexander Solomonov

Alexander Solomonov

Dean of Faculty of Electronics

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

+7 812 234-40-63


Institution and location Degree MM/YY Field of study
Electrotechnical University, St.Petersburg, Russia 02/1973 Semiconductors
Electrotechnical University, St.Petersburg, Russia PhD 12/1977 Optical properties of GaN and solid solutions
Electrotechnical University, St.Petersburg, Russia Doctor of science 12/1999 Capacitance spectroscopy of semiconductor solid solutions and nanoheterostructures

Personal Statement

1970-1980 – investigation of luminescent properties of III-V group semiconductors and their solid solutions.

1981-1982 – training at RWTH Aachen University at Semiconductor Technics Institute (head – Prof. D.Bimberg). Aim: investigation of materials and devices for optical interconnectors at wavelength 1.55 μm.

Since 1982 – activity in capacitance spectroscopy for characterization of semiconductor solid solutions and nanoheterostructures.

In education: making lectures on the following topics “Quantum electronics”, “Materials and elements for electronic engineering”, “Materials and elements of solid state optoelectronics”.

Since 1989 till now he is the scientific secretary of all-Russian Educational and Methodical Association (EMA) of higher education institutions on training in the field of radio engineering, electronics, biomedical engineering and automation. Organization of work on maintenance of uniform educational space of Russia in the field of electronics and nanoelectronics. Taking active part in working out the present and former federal educational standards in relevant areas among which the following standards were accepted in 2011 as the compulsory in the Russian Federation: “Electronics and nanoelectronics” and “Nanotechnology and microsystem technics”. In 1989 A.Solomonov was appointed to the post of the Dean of the Faculty of Electrophysics and took this position till 1999. Since 2003 up till now he is a Dean of a new Faculty of Electronics, which has been formed on basis of former Faculties of Electronic Technics and Electrophysics. Faculty of Electronics carries out research and educates in the field of semico ductors, vacuum and plasma electronics, quantum and optical electronics. Every year Faculty of Electronics carries out about a half of all scientific researches in University and dominates in publications.

Positions and Honors

1982: Associate professor of department of dielectrics and semiconductors of Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" (SPb ETU)

1989: Dean of the Faculty of Electrophysics, SPb ETU

2000: Professor of the Department of Microelectronics, SPb ETU

2003: Dean of the Faculty for Electronics, SPb ETU

1989 till now: the scientific secretary of all-Russian Educational and Methodical Association (EMA) of higher education institutions on training in the field of radio engineering, electronics, biomedical engineering and automations.

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. D. Bimberg, K.H. Goetz, A. Jurgensen, G.F. Glinskii, H. Razeghi, A.V. Solomonov. Optical and crystallographic properties and impurity incorporation of GaxIn1-xAs (0.44 < x < 0.49) grown by liquid phase epitaxy, vapor phase epitaxy, and metal organic chemical vapor deposition // J. Appl. Phys. - 1983. - p.4543-4552.
  2. A.V.Solomonov, V.I.Zubkov. A regularization algorithm for the determination of the deep center density-of-states function by DLTS spectra // Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt Bericht IT-7, 1999, pp.189-203.
  3. V.I.Zubkov, M.A.Melnik, A.V.Solomonov, E.O.Tsvelev, F.Bugge, M.Weyers, G.Tränkle. Determination of band offsets in strained InGaAs/GaAs quantum wells by C-V-profiling and Schrödinger-Poisson self-consistent simulation // Phys. Rev. B, v.70, N 7, p.075312 (2004).
  4. V.I.Zubkov, C.M.A.Kapteyn, A.V.Solomonov and D.Bimberg. Voltage-capacitance and admittance investigations of electron states in self-organized InAs/GaAs quantum dots // J. of Physics: Condens. Matter, 2005, v. 17, p. 2435-2442.
  5. M. Geller, A. Marent, E. Stock, D. Bimberg, V.I. Zubkov, I.S. Shulgunova, and A.V. Solomonov. Hole capture into self-organized InGaAs quantum dots. Applied Physics Letters, 2006, v.89, p.232105(1-3).
  6. V.I. Zubkov, I.S. Shulgunova, A.V. Solomonov, M. Geller, A. Marent, D. Bimberg, A.E. Zhukov, E.S. Semenova, and V.M. Ustinov. Direct Observation of Charge-Carrier Capture in an Array of Self-Assembled InAs/GaAs Quantum Dots // Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics, 2007, vol.71, № 1, pp. 106–108.
  7. O.V. Kucherova, V.I. Zubkov, A.V. Solomonov and D.V. Davydov. Observation of localized centers with anomalous behavior in light-emitting heterostructures with multiple InGaN/GaN quantum wells // Semiconductors, 2010, vol. 44, N. 3, с. 335-340.
  8. M.F. Panov, A.V. Solomonov, U.V. Filatov. “Physical principles of integrated optics” (in Russian), Academia, 2010.

Research Support

Within two last decades Prof. A.Solomonov has been the leader of various research projects in the area of technology and diagnostics of semiconductor heterostructures and multi-layer structures. Among them:

  1. Fabrication and investigation of properties of semiconductor solid solutions А3В5 and heterostructures for creation of new devices for opto- and microelectronics (1994-1995).
  2. Development of technologies and diagnostics of nanocomposites and nanostructures for the purpose of creation of telecommunication, information and sensor systems and devices of new generation. Federal Program «Development of scientific potential for high school».
  3. Development of the theory of semiconductor nanostructures and working out of new methods of their diagnostics (2009-2010), Federal Program «Development of scientific potential for high school».
  4. Investigations and diagnostics of condensed nano-sized matters by admittance spectroscopy methods (2009-2011), Federal Program «Scientific and pedagogical cadres of innovative Russia».
  5. Development of theoretical principles, methodical and experimental base of admittance spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum-sized heterostructures for modern nanoelectonics (2009-2011), Federal Program «Scientific and pedagogical cadres of innovative Russia».
  6. Development of technology processes for growth of high-effective light emitting heterostructures in AlInGaN-system and fabrication of light emitting chips for mass production of powerful LEDs of new generation (2010-2012). Federal Program «Development of co-operation of Russian high school and business».