Faculty of Electronics

Faculty of Electronics ETU "LETI" is one of the leading research and education centers in Europe in the field of high-tech studies of modern electronics.

Faculty of Electronics “LETI” was one of the first to establish the following scientific schools in Russia:

The basic principle of the faculty is integration of education and research.

Zhores Alferov, an inventor of the heterotransistor and the winner of 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics has graduated from Faculty of Electronics in LETI. Among other graduates of this faculty there are many engineers, businessmen, poets and musicians. Such a wide range of professions can be explained - education is based on acquiring profound knowledge in natural sciences which is intended for student creativity development.


Alexander V. Solomonov

Dean of the faculty

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

 +7 812 234-40-63 5373

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