Department of Marine Control Systems

The department was established in 1968 under the name Department of Shipboard Control Systems for Electric Power Plants and Auxiliary Devices. In 1987, it was renamed the Department of Marine Control Systems.

The research at the department is carried out in the field of theory and methods of designing control systems for marine movable objects.

Within this framework, the department conducts research in the field of:

  • Synthesis of optimal structures of on-board control systems of displacement-type vessels and vessels with dynamic principles of maintenance based on automatic quality assurance and stability of movement in normal operating modes, based on the theory of optimal processes, the theory of bifurcations and situational modeling methods;
  • Automatic stabilization of traffic parameters in normal operating modes and control of vessel traffic stability in emergencies;
  • Theoretical foundations for ensuring the safety of technical means of transport;
  • Coordinated control of technical equipment of marine moving objects.

At present, the department can offer the development of software for mathematical models of vessels of various types at the request of the customer.