Department of Electrical Technology and Converter Engineering

The current Department of Electrical Technology and Converter Engineering was established in 1982 by merging the Department of Electrothermal Equipment (founded in 1935) and the Department of Power Sources for Electrophysical and Electric Welding Equipment (founded in 1919).

The main areas of the research of the department:

  • Development of new types of electrotechnological processes;
  • Effect on a substance by highly concentrated energy flows with specific powers up to 20 kW/cm2;
  • Electrotechnological processes for obtaining crystals of semiconductors, oxides, and glasses, including dispersed materials in the form of granules and fibers;
  • High-temperature synthesis of various materials;
  • Mathematical modeling of electrotechnological processes and systems, including induction heating systems of various capacities;
  • Mathematical modeling of power supplies of electrotechnological plants;
  • Development of laser technologies;
  • Development of power sources for high-power pulsed laser technological plants;
  • Development of high-frequency thyristor and transistor power sources for electrotechnological plants;
  • Development of new types of electric welding equipment;
  • Development of electrotechnological systems of the ecological type, first of all, for solidification of radioactive waste by melting;
  • Development of physical and mathematical modeling systems for liquidation and forecasting of emergencies at nuclear power plants;
  • Analysis of the quality of electrical energy (50 Hz) during the operation of powerful electrotechnological plants;
  • Modern technologies of energy saving and resource saving;
  • Development of a monitoring and remote control system for remote power facilities;
  • Research in the field of safe functioning of power systems of various levels;
  • Development of technical regulations in the electric power industry.