Academic and Research Laboratory of Ship Information Processing and Management Systems

The laboratory was established jointly with the department’s strategic partner Engineering Center for Information and Control Systems (St. Petersburg) with the participation of Kronstadt-Technology (St. Petersburg).

The laboratory is designed to provide students of the Department of Marine Control Systems with innovative ‘Automation and Control’ courses and to improve the skills of specialists in the field of information processing systems and control of the ship’s technical equipment.

Areas of research:

  • study of the features of modern automatic traffic control systems using electronic cartographic systems and ship’s technical equipment control systems;
  • familiarization with the development process of these systems;
  • obtaining skills in managing the technical equipment of the vessel.

The laboratory includes software and hardware systems for laboratory work on the ship’s technical equipment control systems and automatic traffic control systems, such as:

  • complex for laboratory work on the ship’s technical equipment control systems with a physical simulator of ship equipment signals and with a simulator of ship equipment signals, 6 sets;
  • software package for laboratory work on the automatic traffic control systems, 6 sets;
  • complex for laboratory work with the ship’s automatic steering and electronic cartographic system, 1 set.

This equipment makes it possible to provide the educational program ‘Ship Information and Control Systems’ to train master’s degree students. It will be used in the work of postgraduate students and the advanced training of specialists in the interests of Kronstadt-Technology, Electropribor, Navis, and other industrial enterprises.