Academic and Research Laboratory of Mechatronic Complexes of Movable Objects and Mobile Installations of Airfield Service

The laboratory was created jointly with the strategic partners of the Department of Automatic Control Systems, the holding company ‘Constellation of Aquarius’ (St. Petersburg) and Kovrov Electromechanical Plant (Kovrov).

The laboratory is designed to provide students of the department with innovative ‘Automation and Control’ educational master’s programs and advanced training of specialists.

The laboratory is fitted with unique equipment, developed and designed with the participation of professors and employees of the Department of Automatic Control Systems of LETI, produced and supplied by the largest Russian manufacturer and distributor of equipment and materials for civil aviation airfields.

The laboratory includes the latest fully automated mobile electromechanical installations of a new generation and computerized information and control complexes for conducting comprehensive measurements of the friction properties of airfield pavements that meet international requirements in the field of ensuring the safety of aircraft landing. A unique multi-functional electromechanical stand was created and put into operation, which makes it possible to simulate expensive airfield and road tests of mobile installations in the laboratory during certification, resource, and metrological studies.

This unique equipment will be used to train master’s degree students and postgraduate students in the field of ‘Automation and control of industrial complexes and movable objects’ of the Master’s innovative program ‘Control and automation systems for industrial mechatronic complexes and movable objects’, the implementation of advanced training programs in the interests of the holding company ‘Constellation of Aquarius’, large airlines and hundreds of Russian airports that use its products.

Based on this equipment, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) is already carrying out certification tests of samples of mobile units to promote their serial production, research, and development work is being carried out to further modernize it and create new models of modern airfield service equipment.