Academic and Research Laboratory of High-Frequency Power Electronics and Electromagnetic Material Processing

The laboratory is designed to conduct research and study processes and equipment for the electromagnetic processing of materials.

The laboratory provides:

  • 5 students’ workplaces, each of which includes a laptop, oscilloscope, signal generator, power supply, and soldering station;
  • 1 professor’s workplace, including a laptop and a multimedia projector.

The laboratory is fitted with unique and expensive imported and domestic technological equipment purchased as part of the implementation of innovative educational programs.

The technological equipment of the laboratory includes:

  • a hardening plant with high-frequency currents (a plant for hardening shafts and a plant for hardening rings);
  • a microscope;
  • a hardness tester;
  • a muffle furnace;
  • a thermal imager;
  • an electromagnetic field meter;
  • turning, milling, and drilling machines.