Academic and Research Laboratory of Electrical Technology

The Academic and Research Laboratory of Electrical Technology was established at the Department of Electrical Technology and Converter Engineering.

At this laboratory, master’s degree students are being trained in electrical engineering, electromechanics, and electrotechnologies with a specialization in electrotechnological and electromechanical complexes, high-frequency electromagnetic technologies, and automated electric drive of technological processes, in the following disciplines:

  • Fundamentals of high-frequency electrical engineering;
  • Numerical methods in the theory of electromagnetic processing of materials;
  • Computer-information technologies for analysis and synthesis of electrotechnological complexes;
  • High-frequency power electronics;
  • Technologies of electromagnetic processing of materials.

To ensure that educational and scientific tasks are met, the academic and research laboratory ‘Electrotechnology’ was provided with the following equipment: a pyrometric complex for measuring temperatures up to 3000ºС, high-frequency power sources for researching induction heating technologies for metals and heating dielectric materials, power sources for arc and contact welding of metals, an automated collection complex and data processing, a computer class. The laboratory is also equipped with a specialized ANSYS software complex for modeling electromagnetic, thermal, and gas-hydrodynamic processes, as well as for solving problems in mechanics.