Academic and Research Laboratory of Automation Technology

The Academic and Research Laboratory of Automation Technology was established in 2007 as part of the innovative educational program of the Department of Robotics and Industrial Automation with the financial support of the strategic partner RAKURS.

The laboratory trains bachelor's and master's degree students of all forms of education to improve the skills of specialists of partner enterprises and conducts research and design work.

The laboratory is fitted with stands built based on modern industrial programmable controllers from the world’s leading manufacturers.

All stands are completed with automated frequency-controlled electric drives, software and hardware elements for a human-machine interface, industrial network, and communication equipment. There is a constant, continuous development of the laboratory. The academic and laboratory facilities and training programs are timely adjusted to meet the requirements of our graduates from leading domestic and foreign enterprises.

Studying in the laboratory, students acquire practical skills and gain knowledge both in modern technical means and advanced automation technologies. The technical and educational base of the laboratory is actively used by bachelor's and master’s degree students and postgraduate students to conduct research in the course of their graduation papers and theses.

The laboratory has licensed software, and quality certificates according to ISO9001:2000.