Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Industrial Automation and Electrical Engineering is one of the oldest faculties of LETI. Its history began in 1920s.

Faculty trains developers and exploitation personnel of automatic control systems and automation in different technical fields. Faculty also educates bachelors and masters for research and practice in spheres of engineering and hi-tech, with equipment and processes of electrical energy transformation as their basis.

Graduates of FEA work as constructors, development contractors, engineers, project managers in the fields of technological-process automation and complex dynamic objects control.

Graduates of this faculty also work in oil and gas industry, power engineering, general aviation equipment, shipbuilding, tool engineering, machinery manufacturing and other upcoming sectors in Russia and abroad.


Anastasia Stotckaia

Dean of the faculty


 +7 812 234-39-32 1162

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master’s Degree Programs