Department of Innovation Management

The professors of the department have extensive work and research experience in the field of management.

The Department of Innovation Management provides training to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students in the informatization of corporate management of high-tech companies using modern information technologies and systems for the digital transformation of processes and projects.

Graduates in the Innovatics program gain skills in using modern technologies to organize a mature infocommunication infrastructure for managing processes and projects of high-tech industries.

The department trains professionals capable of developing and implementing innovative business ideas and technologies, organizing the work of a company or organization in accordance with their objectives and resources, and making effective management decisions. Graduates of the department get knowledge in the management of socio-economic and technical systems, management theory, data management, big data analysis, marketing, logistics, business planning, strategic management, and business analytics, which allows them to form the competencies necessary for successful work in organizations of all types. Graduates of the department are prepared for successful work as project managers, heads of digital transformation of all types of activities, and developers of marketing and business plans.

The integration of management and information technologies – the key to successful training of specialists – is ensured by practice-oriented training. The department organizes internships for students in leading Russian companies, engages employers in the educational process, and aligns curricula with the requirements of dynamic businesses.