Software Engineering and Distributed Systems

  • Software development (C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python, Qt);
  • Verification, certification, and quality estimation of software;
  • Development of combinatorial algorithms of computational geometry;
  • Development of structures and algorithms of data processing;
  • Development of distributed systems including service-oriented systems;
  • Study of monitoring techniques of distributed systems including service-oriented systems and computational networks;
  • Development of distributed information systems for economic and industrial applications;
  • Development of corporate distributed systems for managing corporations activities;
  • Development of industrial distributed systems of equipment management;
  • Study and development of new telecommunication standards;
  • Study of energy-saving technologies for mobile platforms;
  • Study of new communication protocols of wireless connection;
  • Application of object-oriented programming;
  • Study of Linux, principles of its development, and support;
  • Study of parallel and functional programming;
  • Development of visualization services;
  • Development of language processors;
  • Productivity analysis of computational systems;

Projects in the fields of software engineering and distributed systems

1) "Development of software for supporting a small-size fiber-optic device", Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, 2010;

2) "Development of a monitoring subsystem of a digital computational complex of hydroacoustic signal processing", Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, 2012-2013;

3) "Development of open Geo2tag LBS Platform for creation of services with geographical context", joint Russo-Finnish project, 2012;

4) "Development of a system for testing OpenSSL library", joint Russo-Finnish project, 2013;

5) "Development of a profiler for function calls from dynamic libraries for embedded systems on the basis of Linux", joint Russo-Finnish project, 2013;

6) "Development of software for testing high-precision instruments", joint Russo-Finnish project, 2014;

7) "Protection of computational systems against unauthorized access", Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, 2012-2013.