Research in the fields of computer networks and information security

  • Development of new approaches to computer network simulation for improving simulation accuracy of safety processes;
  • Study of techniques for detecting and preventing infrastructure attacks against cloud computational environments;
  • Development of protective mechanisms for cloud computational environments on the basis of intellectual analysis of data.

Projects in the field of computer networks 

1) "Methods and tools for distributed data mining of heterogeneous data in cloud computing systems", 2014-2016;

2) "Management of security information and events in service infrastructures (MASSIF)". Research Project of the European Community seventh framework program (FP7), 2010-2013.

3) Project in agreement with F-Secure Corporation, 2009-2013.

4) "Mathematical models, methods, and algorithms of proactive protection against malware in computer networks and systems". Program "Architecture, system solutions, software, standardization and information security of computer complexes of new generations" of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2009-2013.


Research in the field of information security 

  • Development and application of visual analytics techniques for information security tasks;
  • Information management;
  • Intrusion detection;
  • Information authentification techniques
  • Visual analytics techniques supporting security analysis of networks
  • Security metrics calculation based on information system description, attack graphs, and real-life security incidents;
  • Study of mobile money services and visual representation of users' behavior based on using visualization techniques


Projects in the field of information security 

1) "Educating the next generation experts in cyber security: the new EU-recognized Master's program", Research project of the European Community program TEMPUS, 2014-2016;

2) "Management of security information and events in service infrastructure (MASSIF)", Research project of the European Community seventh framework program (FP7), 2010-2013;

3) "Techniques for security enforcement of the Authentification algorithms and digital signature schemes used in eDocument Flow", Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 2012-2013;

4) "Research and development of methods, models and algorithms of intellectualizing the security services in critical infrastructure", Russian Ministry of Education and Science, 2011-2013.


Research in the field of information security (2) 

  • Creation of environments for operating systems;
  • Blocking dangerous processes in computer RAM;
  • Information transmission with increased security using a universal quantum protocol;
  • Remote hidden management of computational network resources;
  • Simulation of distributed computational networks;
  • Protection of important network resources by using its distributed architecture implementation;
  • Architectural solutions based on the analysis of telecommunication traffic;
  • Identification of anonymous users and resistance to network attacks;
  • Information compression techniques;
  • Creation of single information space using quantum information theory;
  • Multilevel complex approach to providing information security using original algorithmic solutions;
  • Application of static and dynamic coding with very long keys;
  • Analysis of traffic in remote computer networks;
  • Application of parallelization algorithms for remote station control using distributed networked data storage;
  • Application of nanotechnologies to computational complex implementation.