Department of Information Security

Department graduates have competencies in methods and algorithms for ensuring and managing information security of enterprises, departments and government bodies, instruments for ensuring information security of information and telecommunication systems.

The department trains specialists with comprehensive knowledge in the field of information security, who capable of secure computer technologies creation, with the help of which the following tasks will be solved for information infrastructure facilities:

  • at the creation stage - standardization, unification, maximum reduction of software and computing facilities types, telecommunications, information display, typical mechanisms development for ensuring information security at all stages of the object lifecycle;
  • at the support stage - monitoring information threats, problems of information and technical compatibility, developing standard mechanisms for rapid response in order to eliminate them or minimize consequences;
  • at the development stage - expanding the range of technologies included in the computer security concept to increase the efficiency of target tasks in the conditions of noise (unintended effects) and information counteraction (information wars).

Evgeny G. Vorobev

Head of the Department

Ph.D., Associate Professor