Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Graduates of the department receive versatile training, which enables them to work in various fields. Moreover, due to the high level of knowledge gained in the education process, both graduates of the department and its undergraduates are in demand in the job field. Most of them start working while they study.

The department accepts students in bachelor's degree Computer Systems Engineering and Informatics program in Computers, Complexes, Systems, and Networks profile available in all education forms. The department trains students on 3 master's degree programs in the full-time education form.

The department carries out scientific research and trains specialists in the development and application of computers and systems for various purposes.

Leading organizations in the country ordering the training of specialists and R&D are strategic partners of the department. In addition, the department has creative partnerships with companies and universities of Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Holland, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, as well as CIS countries.

Mikhail Kupriyanov

Head of the Department

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor