Department of Computer Aided Design

The educational activity of the department is aimed at introducing modern education methods and high technologies in the process of training specialists in computer engineering and high-tech products design.

The Department of Computer Aided Design was established in 1973.

The department has a bachelor's (4 years of study) and master's (another 2 years of study) degree programs. A department graduate of is a versatile specialist, who possesses knowledge in modern computer technologies, methods, and tools for high-tech product development.

He possesses a wide range of competencies in basic areas of knowledge: higher mathematics, physics, and theoretical foundations of electrical engineering. He specializes in information, linguistic, and software aspects of the project process. A graduate student is a systems integrator who is able to organize the design process of complex high-tech physical, software and cybernetic systems for various purposes.

In addition to general and specialized technical knowledge, a graduate of the department shows the ability to develop and use computer-aided design systems in electronics and mechanical engineering, which enables him to work in various areas of the economy. Our graduates are in demand at enterprises that develop software, are engaged in the development and production of high-tech products, as well as organizations that require information support of the product lifecycle.

The department carries out research in the field of distributed and high-performance computer-aided design systems, development of embedded and cyber-physical systems, virtualization of nonlinear and non-stationary systems and processes and additive technologies in the interests of the electronics, engineering and medicine industries.

The strategic partners of the department are Aquamarine Research and Production Center, Research Institute of Command Instruments, PROSOFT Company, Research Institute of Television, RAS Information Technology in Design Center, National Instruments Russia, Modem Research and Production Company, etc.

The lecturers of the department have trained more than two thousand engineers (including more than two hundred international students), more than two hundred candidates of science, and ten doctors of science. The Department of Computer Aided Design has scientific, pedagogical and business relations with higher educational institutions and companies in the USA, Germany, Sweden, China, Vietnam, and CIS countries.

Nikolai G. Ryzhov

Head of the Department

Ph.D., Associate Professor