Faculty of Computer Science and Technology

Faculty of Computer Science and Technology is aimed to prepare world-class IT specialists for high-tech economic sectors. According to marketing research, IT market is developing in our country rapidly. Due to the emergence of numerous western companies in the Russian market and expansion of production the demand for specialists in this field is permanently rising.

Academic disciplines

  • C++ programming language
  • Object-oriented programming in Visual Studio 2008;
  • Internet-programming languages PHP, Java, C#, ASP.NET;
  • Java mobile programming;
  • Database and storage applications programming ;
  • CGG and WEB design;
  • Information processing, cryptographic protection;
  • Assembler programming.


Ivan I. Holod

Acting Dean of the Faculty

Ph.D., Associate Professor

 +7 812 234-27-46 2224


  • Department of Computer Aided Design
  • Department of Automation and Control Processes
  • Department of Automated Information Processing and Control Systems
  • Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Branch Department of Research Automatisation
  • Branch Department of Information Systems

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Specialist Degree Programs

Master’s Degree Programs