Le Van Chang

Post-graduate student of Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems, Vietnam

Hello, my name is Le Van Chang. I am a post-graduate student of Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems in Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”. I moved to Russia and entered this university in 2004. I finished my studies in February 2011 and entered post-graduate course of “LETI” in December 2014 and still study there. For me these 11 years at LETI are really wonderful.

Ancient beauty impressed me in LETI first of all. Buildings look old, but inside the rooms there is modern equipment that helps us in studying. On my first day at LETI my friend took me to the International Students Office to formalize my documents. I was surprised by a long queue of patient students in the hall. Now there are no such queues due to the effective work of the staff of the Office. I learned Russian at Department of Russian Language. Kind teachers always care for us. Moreover, interesting and effective lessons helped me improve my communicative skills of Russian language and get used to living in Russia. In 2005 I entered Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems. I am very grateful to the teachers of the Department for giving me knowledge and bringing me up! LETI is like my second family. I love LETI and Russia!