Public Relations

The professional community recognizes the Department of Public Relations at ETU "LETI" to be one of the best places to receive business communication education not only in St. Petersburg but also in Russia.

Information for applicants

Specialty code 42.03.01
Qualification Bachelor
Forms of training
and quantity of places
Period of study 4 years + 2 years under Master's degree program
Graduating faculties Faculty of Humanities
Passing score Russian language - 60, Social studies - 50, English language - 50

What is Public Relations?

Graduates of the "Public Relations" program are capable of creating and maintaining an image and business reputation, organizing and conducting advertising and PR campaigns, interacting with mass media, conducting sociological and marketing research, developing and implementing a communication strategy in state institutions, commercial and non-profit organizations, media outlets.
ETU "LETI" was one of the first in Russia to begin training PR specialists in 1993.

Key points

  1. Modern educational and professional standards are taken into account while conducting specialist training, which allows graduates to be in demand in numerous spheres of professional activity;
  2. Training is conducted with the direct participation of partner organizations of the department. Their representatives deliver lectures, conduct workshops, and enter the state expert committee during graduate thesis defense;
  3. Students can take internships at leading communication agencies, enterprises and media outlets in St. Petersburg, participate in numerous events and projects organized by the Department of Public Relations and its Russian and international partners. Graduates are in demand by employers, which is the best conformation of education quality.

The main subjects

  • Fundamentals of the Communication Theory;
  • Theory and Practice of Mass Information;
  • Theory and Practice of Public Relations;
  • Theory and Practice of Advertising;
  • Fundamentals of Management;
  • Basics of Marketing;
  • Basics of Situational Analysis;
  • Basics of Branding;
  • Written Communication;
  • Speech Communication;
  • Planning and Implementation of Communication Campaigns in Business and Organization of Special Events;
  • Modern Communication Technologies and New Media.

Practical exercises aimed at strengthening professional skills are present in all training courses and are an integral part of the educational process. The following practical exercises are conducted:

  • To develop a real-life integrated campaign, defend it publically (Plan and implement communication campaigns in business, organize special events);
  • To write and publish articles in the media outlets (Theory and practice of mass information);
  • To prepare and present a public speech, make a speech on camera (Speech communication);
  • To study printing techniques and printing processes at laboratory classes, lay out and print an edition, produce audio and video clips (Development and production of promotional products);
  • To take drawing, painting, composition classes (Creative work in advertising and PR);
  • To construct unique metaphors, use the association method in writing original literary texts (Psychology of creativity in advertising and PR);
  • To study photographic and cinematic techniques, basics of photography composition, photo reporting (reporting worksites and sporting events), advertising photography, lighting systems; to learn how to manage projects in MS Project (Mass-communication tools, Project management) and so on.


  • Classrooms are fitted with modern equipment and multimedia;
  • Academic and Research Laboratory titled as "Social and personal competency development classroom" is available for students;
  • Department of Public Relations is in possession of a specialized computer class.

International internships and training

The university signed cooperation agreements with a number of universities overseas that are focused on specialist training in the field of mass communication, advertising and public relations. Close and fruitful cooperation has been carried out with Towson University (Maryland, USA) since the opening of the Public Relations department in 1993. All graduates of the department get a certificate from Towson University in addition to the LETI degree.

Students of the Department regularly take internships at such overseas universities as: Dresden University of Technology (Germany), University of Hannover (Germany), University of Linkoping (Sweden), University of Bedfordshire (United Kingdom), University of Applied Sciences in Ede (Holland). Senior students who are fluent in English and other foreign languages have an opportunity to participate in exchange programs at overseas universities, to take internships in international companies while collecting material for their thesis.

What makes this project unique to St. Petersburg is that during the trip to the USA students take an intensive course at Towson University, participate in debates and round tables, and go on exciting tours. Certificate of this university increases rating of graduates of the Department of Public Relations in the eyes of employers significantly.

Your future career

Quality professional education received by our graduates allows them to achieve success in a wide variety of areas adjacent to PR and advertising:

  • Alina Zhuravleva, Main Specialist of the Information and Analytical Department - Press Service of the Administration of the Governor of St. Petersburg;
  • Andrey Saveliev, creative producer of the "Evening Urgant" show;
  • Anna Gorokhova, Head of the Marketing Communications Group;
  • Anfisa Borisenko, Communications Manager, Deco & Industrial Coatings, Tikkurila Oy (Tikkurila Board of Directors in Russia);
  • Daria Naumenko, Head of Information Policy and Media Relations at the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region;
  • Dmitry Agafonov, marketer of the Yandex taxi service;
  • Dmitry Lobach, Head of the Internal Corporate Communications Department of JSC Gazprom Neft;
  • Ekaterina Boglayeva, Business Intelligence Director SPN Communications;
  • Elizaveta Mitrofanova, Director of the ITAR-TASS Press Center - St. Petersburg;
  • Zakhar Golant, chairman of the board of the non-commercial partnership of “The Medico-Pharmaceutical Projects. XXI century”;
  • Roman Pochekayev, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Theory and History of Law and State of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg;
  • Pavel Slutsky, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Communication Management. Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Contact Information

Mon.-Fri.: 10:00-17:00 (admission 10:00-16:30)
+7 (812) 234-35-53
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