Graduates of the program handle the tasks associated with innovative development of enterprises, industries and regions of the country. They manage innovative projects for producing viable goods and services, conduct normative and legal, financial, scientific and technical support of innovation activities, etc.

Information for applicants

Specialty code 27.03.05
Qualification Bachelor
Forms of training
and quantity of places
Period of study 4 years + 2 years under Master's degree program
Graduating faculties
Passing score Mathematics – 45, Russian language – 50, Informatics - 50

Graduates are familiar with

  • Projects, processes and systems modeling with the use of modern information technologies;
  • Methods for analyzing design and technological options for choosing the optimal solution;
  • Methods for assessing the commercial potential of innovative products;
  • Normative documents on quality and standardization.

Graduates are able

  • To plan and organize production of innovative products, commission and accept work, lay out terms of reference, conduct technological audit, prepare documents for certification;
  • To present research results in a form of an article, report and presentation;
  • To delegate authority and responsibility, effectively organize group work, resolve conflict situations;
  • To promote a new product on the market, protect intellectual property legally.

The main subjects

  • Innovation Studies;
  • System Analysis;
  • Innovation Project Management;
  • Algorithms for Solving Non-standard Problems;
  • Industrial Technologies and Innovations;
  • Mechanics and Metrology;
  • Electrical Engineering and Electronics;
  • Standardization and Certification;
  • Information Technology;
  • Foreign Languages;
  • Marketing in the Innovation Field, etc.

Students can continue education at "Quality Management" Master’s program of the university.

Your future career

Graduates who acquired a Bachelor’s degree in “Innovations” specialize in innovative development of regions, economic sectors and enterprises. They are employees of industrial development departments of government agencies, project managers, business analysts, technology officers at commercial organizations. Innovations was in the TOP-10 most popular departments of 2013.

Contact Information

Mon.-Fri.: 10:00-17:00 (admission 10:00-16:30)
+7 (812) 234-35-53
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