Design and Technology of Electronic Facilities

The program provides fundamental, theoretical and practical training in the design and construction of modern electronic tools, the development of technological processes, quality control and maintenance, preparation of design and technological documentation.

Information for applicants

Specialty code 11.03.03
Qualification Bachelor
Forms of training
and quantity of places
Period of study 4 years + 2 years master's program
Graduating faculties Faculty of Radio Engineering
Passing score Mathematics – 50, Russian language – 50, Physics – 45

Key points

  1. It is a unique interdisciplinary program at the intersection of physics, radio engineering, microelectronics, nanotechnology, microwave engineering and information technology;
  2. Highly qualified professors of the program actively participate in R&D;
  3. Educational classes and laboratories are modern;
  4. The department is in possession of the only training center for Altium Designer (a software package for design of radio-electronic devices) in the North-West region of Russia that is certified;
  5. The department has strong ties with institutions in international academic circles;
  6. Graduates of the program have good career prospects at international high-tech companies.

The main subjects

Disciplines studied at the program cover all stages of design of radio-electronic devices: from development to industrial implementation.

Design Cycle

  • Fundamentals of Electronic Design;
  • 3D Design of Electronic Tools;
  • Element Base of Electronic Devices.

Technological cycle

  • Physical Basis of Micro- and Nanoelectronics;
  • Electronic Manufacturing Technology;
  • Physical and Technological Basis of Designing Integrated Circuits.

Microwave cycle

  • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves;
  • Technical Electrodynamics;
  • Microelectronics of Ultrahigh Frequencies;
  • Design of Integrated Microwave Circuits.


  • Department of Microradioelectronics and Radio Technology;
  • Department of Radioelectronic Facilities.

International internships and training

Students have an opportunity to take internships at leading universities of Europe and Asia, participate in academic mobility programs, and get a degree at Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland) or Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany).

Certificates and diplomas of European standard are issued as a result of Internships and training programs.

Your future career

Graduates of the program work at leading international industrial companies and scientific organizations such as:

  • Samsung;
  • LG;
  • Philips;
  • NXP;
  • Motorola;
  • VTT;
  • Ericsson, etc.

Contact Information

Mon.-Fri.: 10:00-17:00 (admission 10:00-16:30)
+7 (812) 234-35-53
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