Communication Technologies and Communication Systems

The program lays a foundation for graduates to obtain an interesting and well-paid job in the field of information and communication technologies, technology and development of technical facilities for processing and storing all kinds of information, its reception and transmission to any distances.

Information for applicants

Specialty code 11.03.02
Qualification Bachelor
Forms of training
and quantity of places
Period of study 4 years + 2 years under Master's degree program
Graduating faculties Faculty of Radio Engineering
Passing score Mathematics - 50, Russian language - 50, Informatics - 50

About training

Professional activity of the graduates is connected with design and development of advanced radio electronic equipment for mobile and fixed communications for ground and space-based facilities, data transmission networks and personal telecommunication services, computer data collection and processing systems.

Key points

  1. The program titled as "Communication Technologies and Communication Systems" provides not only fundamental theoretical knowledge, but also opportunities for its practical application;
  2. Laboratory and practical classes are taught on advanced radio measuring equipment that is supplied by leading world companies. In the educational laboratories unique technologies are studied. It is the result of breakthrough scientific research in the field of radar, radio navigation and telecommunications, video equipment, digital processing, microwave systems and technology;
  3. LETI-based Research Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications carries out development and implementation of telecommunication systems, radio electronic systems of environmental monitoring and emergency prediction, provide students with the widest opportunities for direct participation in scientific and project work.

The main subjects

  • Information Technology;
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Electronics;
  • Electromagnetic Fields and Waves;
  • Mathematical Apparatus of Radio Engineering;
  • Fundamentals of Metrology and Radio Measurement;
  • Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering and Communications;
  • Radio Engineering Circuits and Signals;
  • Digital Devices and Microprocessors;
  • Technical Electrodynamics;
  • Antennas and Propagation of Radio Waves;
  • Radio Engineering Systems;
  • Digital Signal Processing;
  • Reception and Processing of Radio Signals;
  • Basics of Info Communication Networks Building;
  • Basics of Wireless Radio Communication, etc.


  • Department of Radioelectronic Facilities
  • Department of Radio Engineering Systems

International internships and training

Students have an opportunity to take internships at leading universities of Europe and Asia, participate in academic mobility programs, and get a degree at Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland) or Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany).

Certificates and diplomas of European standard are issued as a result of Internships and training programs.

Your future career may include work with

  1. Information exchange technologies;
  2. Design, development and maintenance of advanced radio electronic equipment for:
    • Mobile, satellite and cellular communications;
    • Data transmission networks and personal telecommunication services;
    • Systems for computer acquisition, processing and storage of data;
    • Switching and routing information flows.

Contact Information

Mon.-Fri.: 10:00-17:00 (admission 10:00-16:30)
+7 (812) 234-35-53
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