Entering SPb ETU "LETI" a foreign citizen provides the following documents:

  • a copy of applicant's ID;
  • original foreign education certificate which confirms applicant's level of education and qualifications recognized by the Russian Federation; 
  • certified translation of the documents (mentioned above in previous item) into Russian language;
  • copies of documents or other proofs confirming the affiliation of a compatriot residing abroad to groups specified by Article 17 of the Federal Law (№99-FZ);
  • 4 photos (3x4 cm);
  • to get Master's degree a foreign citizen should provide a Bachelor's Diploma or a Specialist's Diploma (or any other certificates of education which confirm an appropriate level of education and are recognized in the Russian Federation).

All translations into Russian language should be done for the name and surname of a person indicated in entrance visa.

Enrollment of international students to SPb ETU "LETI" is possible only with a filled in application in person.

An applicant provides the following information in his application:

  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • requisites of ID (date and place of issue);
  • data on acquired education and documents/certificates which confirm level of education;
  • educational program an applicant wants to apply for (if an applicant is not sure yet which program to choose, he/she can mention some programs in order of preference) with indication of mode of study and conditions (state-funded place or place on a paying basis);
  • if an applicant has a right to enter University without entrance tests, out of competition or other privileges established by the Russian Federation legislation, he/she should mention it and provide a document which confirms it;
  • place in dormitory if needed.

In an admission application the following clauses have to be accompanied with applicant's own signature:

  • acquiring higher education of this level for the first time;
  • being aware of the education certificate delivery date;
  • getting acquainted with the "LETI" license;
  • getting acquainted with the regulations of the placement of candidates for a Master` s degree in educational programs;
  • getting acquainted with the regulations of filing in an appeal after considering the entrance tests results.

In case there is not all required or wrong information in admission application the admission office will return the documents back to an applicant.

You can learn more about Enrollment regulations of SPb ETU "LETI"  here.

In order to get enrolled in University you will also need to:

  • Purchase insurance policy (room 3423а), which covers the period of visa validity, and pass free medical examination at University to confirm that you have no contraindications to study at higher education institution of the Russian Federation;
  • Conclude a Residence Agreement for dormitory room and pay the fee, or submit your private address in Saint-Petersburg