Admissions, application instructions


  1. Choose a major desired.

  2. Learn about the tuition fees.

  3. Provide the following documents:

    • Copy of national passport
    • Copies of previous educational background certificates
    • Personal data (if possible please state in Russian): first name, last name, place of permanent residency (state, city)
    • Place of Russian visa issue (state, city)
  4. Fill out an  Application Form and e-mail the complete form and the above mentioned documents to the International Students Office:
     +7 812 234-35-53.

  5. After examination of documents and approval of international student admission an applicant will receive an agreement for education services and an invitation for a visa.

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Agreement and payment

Conclude an Agreement for education services provided by ETU "LETI" and pay tuition fees. You may choose one of the options stated below:

  • pay tuition fee after your choice: partly (for no less than 3 months of studies because it is the period entrance visa validity), or fully. However, in order to do so you will need to pay in rubles, which is only possible if the Agreement is signed in any affiliation of the Russian Federation Savings Bank and also states rubles as its currency. In this case you may act on behalf of your authorized representative;
  • or pay full tuition fee in Dollars or Euro in any bank outside the Russian Federation after concluding an Agreement for education services. In such case tuition fee has to be calculated taking into account the actual currency rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • or you can find out more about possibilities of free education through the embassy of your home country in Moscow, which will consult Department of Education and Science.


Receive an 'Invitation' to enter the Russian Federation to pursue studies at ETU "LETI" after the tuition fee has reached University bank account. The means of getting an 'Invitation' will depend on the option you have chosen to complete the previous step:

  • if you have paid tuition in rubles through Russian bank - your authorized representative receives the original 'Invitation' to enter the Russian Federation’ form in University and delivers it to you in a convenient way;
  • if you have paid tuition in other currency through a non-Russian bank – in such case you may get your invitation by ordering a registered letter with an original 'Invitation' form enclosed, which will be sent by University at your home address;
  • if you are going to receive free education under the direction of Department of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, you may obtain original 'Invitation' form in Russian Embassy of your home country.

In Russian Embassy

  • Obtain a Russian entrance visa, which enables you to study at ETU. Visa is issued upon 'Invitation';
  • legalize previous education certificates stating grades and disciplines.

Booking a room

Please notify us of your arrival date in Saint-Petersburg

This information is needed to book you a place in single or twin room of the University dormitory.


Upon arrival in Saint-Petersburg within 24 hours please submit the following documents to the International Students Office for migratory registration:

  • international passport,
  • visa,
  • migration card,
  • a travelling document which states your arrival date, your personal photos of 30x40mm in size.

Contact International Students Office

from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m.
+7 812 234-35-53

Foundation course

Those foreign citizens whose knowledge of Russian language is not yet sufficient for University studies may enter Foundation course of pre-University preparation centre to learn "Russian as a foreign language" as well as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer science within the framework of general education school. Those who successfully complete the course and pass the interview are then enrolled as the first year students in the chosen program.