Academic year in SPbETU

In our University there is full-time tuition, part-time tuition and external studies. Students can take a Bachelor's degree (4 years), Master's degree (2 years) and Specialist's degree (5 years).

A student´s academic year includes 2 semesters – an autumn term (from September till December) and a spring term (from February till May). At the end of every term, in January and June, students have a scoring period (when all final tests are carried out) and after that an examination period. Students have maximum 12 pass-fail exams and 10 exams during one academic year.

For those who have missed many classes or failed exams there is an additional term (extra time for final tests and exams, usually after an examination period).

During studies students get practical training and field experience. Before graduation students have one semester for undergraduate training and writing a diploma. Diploma defense can be carried out in February or in June depending on curriculum major/specialty.

A student´s working day lasts 6-8 hours, which is 3-4 classes. One class contains 2 academic hours (one academic hour is 45 minutes). A break between classes is 20 minutes. Full-time students have classes during day time between 8 am and 18.50. Maximum workload is 54 academic hours per week. Sunday is a day off. Undergraduates usually don´t have classes on Saturday either.

Summer holidays last from the beginning of July till September. Winter holidays last for 2 weeks, approximately from 25th of January. There are also official days off, when University doesn´t work. They are 23rd of February; 8th of March; 1st of May; 9th of May; 4th of November and a week of New Year´s holidays (from the 1st of January).

Schedule for students is posted on our official website in a section "For Students".