Fine Art studio

To get a full-fledged art education, it is not at all necessary to go to an art school. It is enough to come to the studio to Sergei Vladimirovich Leonov, an employee of LETI.

Creative workshop

S. Leonov teaches according to the classical method, which includes the display of geometric bodies, drawing of classical plaster sculptures, painting-still life, landscape, portrait. Just like in specialized universities, classes in the creative center are built according to the classical method.

Coming to the studio, you find yourself in a small creative world that keeps a big story inside. The center itself is not much different from the workshop of an art university: plaster sculptures, brushes, paints, paintings are everywhere. And the atmosphere here is warm, friendly, like home. The participants know each other well and celebrate birthdays and holidays together.

An artist is a way of thinking

Can everyone become an artist, or do you still need talent for this? Sergey Leonov (The head of the Fine Art studio) answers as follows: «Fine literacy can be taught to any person, as well as the Russian language. An artist is already a certain way of thinking, worldview, style. An artist can convey emotion. The more subjective an artist is, the more interesting he is. In addition, there should be a share of analytics in his work».

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