Student Accommodation

While studying at LETI all International students can get a place in one of seven University dormitories. They are all located close to the metro stations.

Students who live in dormitories are registered at the address of the dormitory. Registration is obligatory for International students according to the law of the Russian Federation.

Our dormitories are well-equipped, safe and comfortable to live in. There are cozy rooms, fitted kitchen, showers, sport rooms, gym and elevators in every hall of residence. Security guards are in dormitories for 24 hours and they are in charge of keeping an order there. Every resident has a pass to get inside the building.

Leisure of students is variable. There are different events and parties carried out in dormitories. For instance, the competition for the best room, the best floor, the culinary competition, Fun English Club for those who want to improve their English and many other interesting events which make students feel like home and bring them a lot of fun.

Students who come to study to our University for the first time can be accommodated on the day of arrival (apart from the weekends and holidays) on the authority of a correspondent agreement and payment. It is also necessary to bring a package of documents to the dean's office for a migration registration. If a student is arriving on a weekend or a day off it's necessary to contact Dean's office for International Students in advance and make a reservation for a place in a dormitory.

Only students can live in dormitories, places for their friends and families are not provided.

International students are entitled to live outside of a dormitory. In this case they will be registered at the legal address of SPbETU.