Campus life

Student life at LETI is never boring! It is more than just getting a degree! Getting involved in campus life is the best way to become a part of the University community.

University years are the best years in the person's life. This is the time of various opportunities, making first serious plans and setting goals. This is the time when students start to understand how to make their ideas reality.

Getting new knowledge increases self-esteem. Making new friends boosts self-confidence. Students become more ambitious, persistent, independent and start taking initiative in different spheres of life. Making the first scientific research and participation in high-level conferences can be the first steps to students' successful career.

But student life is not only about lectures, seminars, exams and marks. Students' leisure is full of diverse and interesting activities.

For those who are full of energy we can offer a wide variety of sport classes.

In ETU Cultural Center everyone can find something to enjoy. There are dancing classes, notable chorus of LETI and a drama school.

Fans of intellectual activity and brainstorm might be interested in our mind game club "What? Where? When?". Those who are resourceful and have a good sense of humor can join "Club of Funny and Inventive people". This is a place where the most creative and active people make jokes and write humorous scripts with showing them on stage afterwards.

Students show their cooking skills and techniques taking part in a culinary competition in the university residence halls.

There are many more activities in our university. We are always open for new creative ideas and support students' initiative and participation in cultural life of LETI which promotes their personal growth.