Research Projects



About the Project "Digital Sphere"

Project: “Digital Sphere - A Finnish-Russian Ecosystem for Television over Broadcast and Internet”
Implementation period: April 2012 – March 2014
Lead Partner: Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”, Saint-Petersburg


  • JSC “Zavod im. Kozitsky”, St.-Petersburg, Russia
  • Committee on Informatization and Communications, City Administration, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Teknologian tutkimuskeskus VTT, Finland, Uusimaa
  • Maxisat-yhtiöt Oy, Finland, Uusimaa
  • Kouvola Innovation Ltd, Finland, Kymenlaakso

The key purpose of the Project is to combine the achievements and the potential of the Russian and Finnish participants of the Project in order to develop new advanced ICT technologies, perspective products and markets in the Program region and beyond.

The main directions of joint activity are: marketing research; development of technology and equipment; active cooperation of Russian and Finnish specialists and organizations; information exchange.

Specific objectives

  1. Combine achievements and potential of the Russian and Finnish participants of the Project in order to develop new advanced ICT technologies.
  2. Create preconditions for realization of e-programs adopted by the Russian government, such as e-government, e-health, e-learning etc.
  3. Create preconditions for formation of an ecosystem of SME-companies offering a wide variety of ICT, multimedia and content services in the program area.

The outputs envisaged to achieve the specific objective

  1. Created Centre of Research & Development; defined mechanism of cooperation and research plans; marketing analysis;
  2. Pilot versions of the equipment in the agreed sectors of ICT technology;
  3. Tested samples of the developed equipment;
  4. Testing zone and laboratory testing set-up for the new technologies established;
  5. New educational programs in the field of the Project;
  6. Trained personnel;
  7. Seminars and conferences carried out;
  8. Disseminated information on achievements of the Project.


  • report of the First Deputy General Director A. Gorbachev “Transition to Digital TV in Russia” with information on the Project at the seminar Digibusiness and Digital Content Event, 29.05.2012, St. Petersburg;
  • interview of the Deputy Executive Director of the JSC “Zavod im. Kozitsky” A. Nepomnyashchiy for two TV channels (RenTV and the 5th channel) (the TV program “80 years from the date of production of the first serial batch of the B2 TV”, 5.05.2012);
  • TV program “Training in Radio Engineering specialty” on the TVC channel 9.07.2012 within the “Experts of the Future” project with participation of the Dean of FRT SPb ETU V. Malyshev and Deputy Executive Director JSC “Zavod im. Kozitsky” A. Nepomnyaschiy;
  • report of Deputy Executive Director of the JSC “Zavod im. Kozitsky” A. Nepomnyashchiy “About the Digital Sphere Project” within the program of cross-border cooperation with EU countries” at the 6-th International Conference “Modern television technologies. State and development” at JSC MNITI 25.10.12 (Moscow).


  • Technical meeting in Imatra, 18.05.2012; 
  • Technical meeting, Digital Sphere Steering Group Meeting in LETI, 31.05.2012;
  • Technical meeting in Maxisat, 18.06.2012;
  • Technical meeting in VTT, 18.06.2012;
  • Technical meeting in Maxisat, 25.09.2012;
  • Media technology seminar in VTT, 25.09.2012;
  • Digital Sphere partner meeting in VTT, 26.09.2012;
  • Digital Sphere Steering Group Meeting in VTT, 26.09.2012;
  • Digital Sphere Workshop: Future of Digital Media (seminar) in VTT, 27.09.2012;
  • Technical meeting on JSC “Zavod im. Kozitsky”, 08.11.2012.