Schooldesk Engineers from Kudrovo

Schooldesk Engineers from Kudrovo

Future automotive ecosystem will need innovative professionals: motivated, broad-minded, with good engineering knowledge and skills. These professional qualities can be cultivated from schooltime. Research basics and simple engineering skills at school age can result in great careers later.

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This is what ETU-LETI researchers and students believe in, when they do research & education programs in Kudrovo.

Techopark School Kudrovo is the 21st century education project aimed at establishing the pipeline from school desk to future-demand professions. It connects teenagers having the engineering mindset with colleges or universities giving the profiled knowledge and skills, and further on with companies looking for well-educated professionals. Companies, in their turn, can introduce criteria for qualifications the industries would need tomorrow.

Why is Kudrovo School different? Kudrovo functions as a standard school in a densely populated suburb of St. Petersburg, but not only that. Since 2016, it is also the Resource center for 18 schools and colleges of the Leningrad region. Over 1500 high-school students take extracurricular engineering classes in the research teams led by under- and postgraduate students and researchers from ETU-LETI.

What Kudrovo Techopark School offers to future engineers? High-tech laboratories including Robotics, Industrial and Automotive Design, Internet of Things, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics, 3D Prototype Modeling for Engineering, Bionics and Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies, Geographic Information Systems and Ecology. But Kudrovo schooldesk engineers are driven not only by the advanced learning. Here teenagers are not the schoolchildren anymore. They find themselves in the ‘grownup’ engineering environment – interactive panels instead of desks, well-equipped workshops and laboratories and co-working spaces instead of classrooms. The school even has its own Museum of science, engineering and technologies.