ETU "LETI" Innovations for the Automotive Industry of Tomorrow


At the Race4Scale workshop, ETU "LETI" researchers shared innovative solutions for the automotive industry.

28.12.2020 378

On December 8 and 10, ETU "LETI" held a workshop Automotive and Motorsport Industries: Challenges and Solutions within a Russian-Finnish project Race4Scale. Race4Scale's participants seek to build an international ecosystem for the automotive industry of the future, and within it, ETU "LETI" research teams offer innovations in the priority fields of Artificial Intelligence, Biointerface, and Advanced Wireless Technologies.

The Union "Autoprom North-West," the job-provider for the automobile manufacturers, and INPROTECH of ETU "LETI" named future-demand professions and qualifications for the automotive industry, and the university's researchers followed with presentations of engineering solutions for the transport of the future.

The passive radar system for autonomous car control developed at the university cuts the costs and reduces electromagnetic pollution. Evgeny Vorobyov, a researcher of the Prognoz Research Institute, explained that it does not require allocated frequencies, and can be used not only in the automotive industry, but also in traffic control, air transportation, and security systems.

A system for monitoring the driver's condition developed by the Department of Micro- and Nanoelectronics of ETU "LETI" and presented by Nikita Sitkov utilizes the department's achievements in flexible integrated printed electronics and brain-computer interface technologies.

"Now, cars are stuffed with different sensors controlling all systems, but there are little to no user-centered developments. We are talking particularly about specialized spheres here: motorsport, military, police, agriculture, and cargo vehicles. A set of sensor systems for drivers will help them work as efficiently as possible. Until autopilot replaces humans, we put the user first, not the tool."

Nikita Sitkov, Assistant Professor at the Department of Micro- and Nanoelectronics of ETU "LETI"

Young ETU "LETI" researchers develop programs for driverless cars at the recently opened robotarium. Anton Filatov, Assistant of the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Applications, told about the platform and got Russian and Finnish workshop participants involved in solving a simple problem for self-driving vehicle control. A united team of students and schoolchildren from the Kudrovo Education Center, who use the state-of-the-art Duckietown platform developed by MIT in their studies, offered the best solution. The Duckietown simulator, a scaled-down model of a real urban transportation environment, has become a research platform for developing and testing transportation system algorithms.

ETU "LETI" organized the first Olympics in Russia in AI for self-driving vehicles on this platform. Students of the university have twice won the international AI Driving Olympics by the Duckietown Foundation.

"This controversial year has provided new opportunities, including for international initiatives. The Race4Scale project is a logical spin-off from the concerted efforts of our university and Kudrovo Education Center to establish an Engineering Center based on the school-technopark. One of its priorities is the automotive industry development projects. Together with researchers, teachers, and students of ETU "LETI," students of Kudrovo have already assembled their first car, and they have things to share with their foreign counterparts. ETU "LETI" also promotes this topic at the global level as part of its priority areas, and it will make another significant contribution to the Race4Scale project."

Anastasia Minina, Vice-Rector for International Affairs

The Zoom workshop on Automotive and Motorsport Industries: Challenges and Solutions was the second in the Race4Scale project (Development of the Multidisciplinary Educational, Business and RDI Opportunities for the Finnish-Russian Automotive and Motorsport Industry Ecosystem), which started this year. Its program opened with a workshop in Finland. For two years of operation, Race4Scale will not only stimulate innovative solutions but also create a new cross-border educational program for future automotive industry professionals.